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devlink-rate - devlink rate management


devlink [ OPTIONS ] port function rate { COMMAND | help }

OPTIONS := { -j[*/son/*] | -p[*/retty/*] | -i[*/ec/*] }

devlink port function rate show [ { DEV/PORT_INDEX | DEV/NODE_NAME } ]

devlink port function rate set { DEV/PORT_INDEX | DEV/NODE_NAME } [* tx_share /VALUE /*] [* tx_max /VALUE /*] [ {* parent /NODE_NAME /*|* noparent *} ]

devlink port function rate add */DEV/NODE_NAME/ [ tx_share /VALUE /*] [* tx_max /VALUE /*] [ {* parent /NODE_NAME /*|* noparent *} ]

*devlink port function rate del */DEV/NODE_NAME/

devlink port function rate help


devlink port function rate show - display rate objects.

Displays specified rate object or, if not specified, all rate objects. Rate object can be presented by one of the two types:

Represents a single devlink port; created/destroyed by the driver and bound to the devlink port. As example, some driver may create leaf rate object for every devlink port associated with VF. Since leaf have 1to1 mapping to it’s devlink port, in user space it is referred as corresponding devlink port DEV/PORT_INDEX;
Represents a group of rate objects; created/deleted by the user (see command below) and bound to the devlink device rather then to the devlink port. In userspace it is referred as DEV/NODE_NAME, where node name can be any, except decimal number, to avoid collisions with leafs.

Command output show rate object identifier, it’s type and rate values along with parent node name. Rate values printed in SI units which are more suitable to represent specific value. To print values in IEC units -i switch is used. JSON (-j) output always print rate values in bytes per second. Zero rate values means “unlimited” rates and ommited in output, as well as parent node name.

devlink port function rate set - set rate object parameters.

Allows set rate object’s parameters. If any parameter specified multiple times the last occurrence is used.

DEV/PORT_INDEX - specifies devlink leaf rate object.
DEV/NODE_NAME - specifies devlink node rate object.

*tx_share*/ VALUE/ - specifies minimal tx rate value shared among all rate objects. If rate object is a part of some rate group, then this value shared with rate objects of this rate group.

*tx_max*/ VALUE/ - specifies maximum tx rate value.


These parameter accept a floating point number, possibly followed by either a unit (both SI and IEC units supported).

bit or a bare number
Bits per second
Kilobits per second
Megabits per second
Gigabits per second
Terabits per second
Bytes per second
Kilobytes per second
Megabytes per second
Gigabytes per second
Terabytes per second

To specify in IEC units, replace the SI prefix (k-, m-, g-, t-) with IEC prefix (ki-, mi-, gi- and ti-) respectively. Input is case-insensitive.

parent*/ NODE_NAME | /*noparent - set rate object parent to existing node with name NODE_NAME or unset parent. Rate limits of the parent node applied to all it’s children. Actual behaviour is details of driver’s implementation. Setting parent to empty (“”) name due to the kernel logic threated as parent unset.

devlink port function rate add - create node rate object with

specified parameters. Creates rate object of type node and sets parameters. Parameters same as for the “set” command.

DEV/NODE_NAME - specifies the devlink node rate object to create.

devlink port function rate del - delete node rate object

Delete specified devlink node rate object. Node can’t be deleted if there is any child, user must explicitly unset the parent.

DEV/NODE_NAME - specifies devlink node rate object to delete.

devlink port function rate help - display usage information

Display devlink rate usage information


Display all rate objects:

pci/0000:03:00.0/1 type leaf parent some_group
pci/0000:03:00.0/2 type leaf tx_share 12Mbit
pci/0000:03:00.0/some_group type node tx_share 1Gbps tx_max 5Gbps

Display leaf rate object bound to the 1st devlink port of the

pci/0000:03:00.0 device:

pci/0000:03:00.0/1 type leaf

Display leaf rate object rate values using IEC units:

pci/0000:03:00.0/2 type leaf 11718Kibit

Display node rate object with name some_group of the

pci/0000:03:00.0 device:

pci/0000:03:00.0/some_group type node

Display pci/0000:03:00.0/2 leaf rate object as pretty JSON output:

“rate”: {
“pci/0000:03:00.0/2”: {
“type”: “leaf”,
“tx_share”: 1500000

Create node rate object with name “1st_group” on pci/0000:03:00.0



Create node rate object with specified parameters:

tx_share 10Mbit tx_max 30Mbit parent 1st_group

Set parameters to the specified leaf rate object:

tx_share 2Mbit tx_max 10Mbit

Set leaf’s parent to “1st_group”:


Unset leaf’s parent:


Delete node rate object:



*devlink*(8), *devlink-port*(8)


Dmytro Linkin <>

Author: dt

Created: 2022-02-20 Sun 10:01