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updmap.cfg - configuration of font mapping/inclusion for dvips and friends.


The file updmap.cfg is the central font configuration file of a teTeX system and is read by *updmap*(1). It describes if and how fonts should be included (or not included) into PS-/PDF-files. This works for Outline (Postscript Type1) and Bitmap Fonts (Postscript Type3) mostly coming from MetaFont.

updmap is a utility that creates font configuration files for *dvips*(1), *pdftex*(1), *xdvi*(1), *ps2pk*(1), *gsftopk*(1), and *dvipdfmx*(1). In an ideal world, updmap would be unnecessary – each of these programs would read the same configuration file to learn what fonts are available and how they should be treated. As things stand, however, each of these tools has subtly different requirements and thereby needs its own font configuration file. updmap creates font configuration files for all of these programs from several sources, namely all updmap.cfg, allowing you to easily keep all the different configuration files in sync.

Running “updmap –help” will output the main documentation for using updmap.

Configures if dvips (by default) should prefer bitmap fonts or outline fonts if both are available? Independent of this setting, outlines can be forced by putting “p” into a config file that dvips reads. Bitmaps can be forced by putting “p” into a config file. We provide such config files which can be enabled via dvips -Poutline (resp. dvips -Ppk).
Valid settings for dvipsPreferOutline are true / false.

Which fonts of the “Basic 35 Laserwriter Fonts” do you want to use and how are the filenames chosen? Valid settings:
URW: URW fonts with “vendor” filenames (e.g. n019064l.pfb)
URWkb: URW fonts with “berry” filenames (e.g. uhvbo8ac.pfb)
ADOBE: Adobe fonts with “vendor” filenames (e.g. hvnbo___.pfb)
ADOBEkb: Adobe fonts with “berry” filenames (e.g. phvbo8an.pfb)

Configures if dvips (by default) should download the 35 base PostScript fonts into the document (set true) or should these fonts be used from the ps interpreter / printer (set false).
The user can override the default by specifying dvips -Pdownload35 (resp. dvips -Pbuiltin35) to download the LW35 fonts (resp. use the built-in fonts).
Valid settings are true / false.

Should pdftex download the 14 base PDF fonts? Since some configurations (ps / pdf tools / printers) use bad default fonts, it is safer to download the fonts. The pdf files get bigger, but that is the cost.
Valid settings are true (download the fonts) or false (don’t download the fonts). Adobe recommends embedding all fonts.

Should special map files for pxdvi be created? pxdvi is an adaption of xdvi with support for reading and displaying files generated by the ptex family of engines.
Valid settings are true (generate configuration) or false. See for detailed discussion.

The options kanjiEmbed and kanjiVariant specify special replacements in the map lines. In a map, the string “@kanjiEmbed@” will be replaced by the value of that option; similarly for kanjiVariant. In this way, users of Japanese TeX can select different fonts to be included in the final output.

Points to a map file, which describes a mapping from a font (called in the TeX document) to the pfb file containing the Postscript code.
Usage: Map

The syntax of map files is the same as *dvips*(1) uses, see the section “” in the manual of *dvips*(1).

Similar to Map. It should be used when there is Type1 and a bitmap implementation of the font (the latter mostly coming from MetaFont). These entries will not be used in the default map of dvips if dvipsPreferOutline is set to false.
Usage: MixedMap

Similar to Map. This should be used for kanji fonts.
Usage: KanjiMap

The sign # precedes a comment.

Map files not to be used should be commented out using the string #! at the beginning of the line. Such entries can be (de-)activated using updmap with the options –enable and –disable, respectively.


This manual page was written by Hilmar Preusse <> and extended by Norbert Preining <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system by simply copying the comments from updmap.cfg and rewriting some of them. It may be used by other distributions without contacting the author. Any mistakes or omissions in the manual page are our fault; inquiries about or corrections to this manual page should be directed to


updmap(1), dvips(1)


Frank Kuester, Thomas Esser.

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