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/etc/odbcinst.ini - An unixODBC drivers configuration


/etc/odbcinst.ini is a text configuration file for unixODBC drivers. It can be edited by hand, but the recommended way to update this file is to use the *odbcinst*(1) utility.


The general .ini file format is:

    key1 = value1
    key2 = value2

    key1 = value1
    key2 = value2

Each ODBC driver has its own section and can be referred to by the name of its section. Configuration keys recognised in driver sections by unixODBC itself are:

A text string briefly describing the driver.
A filesystem path to the actual driver library.
A filesystem path to the driver setup library.
The section named [ODBC] configures global options. Keys recognised in the [ODBC] section include:
Enable ODBC driver trace output, which is written to the path specified by TraceFile.

Note that some drivers have their own separate trace control options. Unlike the Trace option these are usually specified at the DSN level.

Values recognised as enabled are any case variation of “1”, “y”, “yes” or “on”.

Path or path-pattern to write the ODBC trace file to. Has no effect unless Trace is enabled. Default /tmp/sql.log.

WARNING: setting TraceFile to a path writeable by multiple users may not work correctly as only the first user will be able to create and open the file.


The recommended way to manage the drivers is using the *odbcinst*(1) utility. You can install the drivers by supplying it with template file, which has the same format as this file.


An example of the actual PostgreSQL driver:

    Description = PostgreSQL driver for GNU/Linux
    Driver      = /usr/lib/
    Setup       = /usr/lib/
    FileUsage   = 1

Note that driver paths may vary, and some drivers require Driver64 and Setup64 entries too.

By specifying the driver like that, you can then reference it in the *odbc.ini*(5) as follows:

    Driver = PostgreSQL

The recommended way to add that driver is by creating a template file containing:

    Description = PostgreSQL driver for GNU/Linux
    Driver      = /usr/lib/
    Setup       = /usr/lib/

and call the *odbcinst*(1):

*# odbcinst -i -d -f */template.ini/


*unixODBC*(7), *odbcinst*(1), *odbc.ini*(5)



The authors of unixODBC are Peter Harvey </> and Nick Gorham </>. For the full list of contributors see the AUTHORS file.


unixODBC is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. For details about the license, see the COPYING file.

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