Man1 - yad-tools.1

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yad-tools - show some miscellaneous stuff.


yad-tools [OPTIONS] STRING


yad-tools is a small command-line utility for getting information that may be usefull in scripts.


General options

-f, –pfd
This mode is intended to transform font names from pango to xft specification and vice versa. Additional argument is font name.
-i, –icon
This mode is intended to get full path to icon file from icon name. Additional argument is icon name.
Show list of available languages for spell checking. Works only if yad built with GSpell support.
Show list of available GtkSourceView themes. Works only if yad built with GtkSourceView support.

PFD mode options

-x, –xft
Print font name in xft format. This is default.
-p, –pango
Print font name in pango format.

Icon mode options

-s, *–size*=/SIZE/
Use specified icon size. Default is 24.
-t, *–type*=/TYPE/
Obtain icon size from one of predefined GTK+ types. TYPE is one of the following menu, button, small_toolbar, large_toolbar, dnd or dialog,
Use specified icon theme instead of default.

Author: dt

Created: 2022-02-22 Tue 17:26