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json-glib-format - JSON-GLib formatting tool


json-glib-format [*-h*, –help*] [–output* /FILE/] [*–prettify*] [*–indent-spaces* /SPACES/] URI [URI…]


json-glib-format offers a simple command line interface to format JSON data. It reads a list or URIs, applies the spacified formatting rules on the JSON data, and outputs the formatted JSON to the standard output or to a file.

The resources to operate on are specified by the URI argument.


-h, –help

Prints help and exits.

–output FILE

Redirects the output to FILE instead of using the standard output.

-p, –prettify

Prettifies the output, by adding spaces and indentation. This argument is useful to improve the readability of JSON data, at the expense of its size.

–indent-spaces SPACES

Changes the number of spaces using to indent the JSON data from the default of 2. This argument is only considered if –prettify is used.


Emmanuele Bassi


Author: dt

Created: 2022-02-22 Tue 17:05