Inline images in Org document

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Figure 1: Org Mode Unicorn

Inline images in Org document

by Dariusz Dębicki on April 30, 2022

Are you an Emacs user?

Adding inline images can really beautify your Org documents. If you are like me, and eye-candies are your thing, this article is for you.

I spent some time researching this topic, so to save you the trouble, here you have some solutions I came across the internet and Org Mode documentation.

In this article I use Org Mode Unicorn image taken from I hope they don’t mind…

Have fun!

Adding an image

To add an image simply insert a path inside double square brackets:


How to display added images

Adding an image is not enouth though. When you open an Org document, all you see is a path in brackets. Let’s fix it.


Following command will display all images in the document.

  • M-x1 org-display-inline-images


Following command will hide all images in the document.

  • M-x org-remove-inline-images


Following command will toggle display all images in the document.

  • M-x org-toggle-inline-images

Display images on file open

If you want to see your inline images when you open an Org document you must add a header to your document as follows:

#+STARTUP: inlineimages

From now on, every time you open your document, images will appear automatically. You can still use previously mentioned commands to to hide/display them.

Image control

Org Mode have some limited ways to controll inline images. Here you have some examples:

Increase/decrease size

To increase imahe size place the cursor on the image and run following command:

  • M-x image-increase-size

To decrease the size use the following command:

  • M-x image-decrease-size


To rotate an image clockwise use this:

  • M-x image-rotate


And that’s pretty much everything about inline images. I hope you find it useful.

Thanks for reading!



Mod-x (Mod is defined by default as Alt key)

Author: Dariusz Dębicki

Created: 2022-05-27 Fri 12:31